Dentures are removable dental appliances that can replace missing teeth and the associated tissue. Designed by our dentist, Dr. Scott Steedman, to look and feel almost identical to your natural teeth, partial dentures can give you the functional, complete and beautiful smile that you have always wanted.

At Smiles By Steedman, we proudly provide partial dentures to those who are missing some of their natural teeth. When in place, your custom partial dentures will replace the missing teeth while simultaneously preventing your natural teeth from shifting in the mouth.

In general, partial dentures are very durable and will last for years to come when cared for properly. Sometimes partial dentures may need repairs or adjustments, but this is fairly normal and easily treated.

Our dentist may recommend a custom partial denture for several reasons, including:

  • To replace partial tooth loss
  • To improve speech, chewing and digestive functions
  • To enhance your smile
  • To prevent facial sagging


In just a few weeks and a couple of appointments at Smiles By Steedman, your custom partial denture will be created and placed. We will take impressions and measurements of your jaw and mouth. These will be used in the creation of your partials. To ensure that your partial denture looks and feels natural, we may schedule one or more fitting appointments. At your final appointment, the dentist will make any final adjustments and then place your custom partial denture. You are then free to enjoy a complete and beautiful new smile!

After your partial has been placed, it is not uncommon to experience difficulty chewing or speaking, some soreness, or increased saliva flow. This is considered normal and will subside in a matter of time. Remember to follow the instructions that our dentist gives you regarding the care of your mouth and partial dentures to ensure they last for a lifetime. To learn more about partials or restorative and general dentistry in Lake Stevens, Washington, we invite you to contact our team at 425-334-4087 today to schedule your appointment.